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Shibuya Television KK (hereafter referred to as “the company”) respects and complies with applicable laws regarding the protection of personal data, and strives to responsibly collect and handle personal information.

Collecting Personal Data

When collecting the customer’s personal data, the company acquires only the necessary information in an appropriate, legal manner.

Handling Personal Data

The company responsibly manages the customer’s personal data and prevents the unauthorized disclosure, damage or loss of personal information. Furthermore, the company appropriately safeguards personal data from leaks, destruction and fraud.

Using Personal Data

The company uses the customer’s personal data for the following purposes:

  • to attain customer feedback and opinions;
  • to respond to customer inquiries and document requests;
  • to provide information regarding various events and campaigns;
  • to dispatch e-mail communications and other publication materials;
  • to provide information about products and services belonging to the company and business partners;
  • for the confirmation of accounting data in an audit;
  • for other matters collateral or directly connected to the company’s business.

The company will not use the customer’s personal data beyond these explicit purposes or without the customer’s express consent.

Providing Personal Data to Third Parties

The company does not disclose personal information to third parties without the customer’s express consent except in the cases mentioned below.

  • Necessary for protection of life, body or property, and
  • If it is difficult to obtain your consent
  • When it is especially necessary for the public health and sound development of children
  • it becomes necessary to cooperate with public and government authorities.

Accessing, Correcting and Withdrawing Personal Data

To the extent required by applicable law, the company will respond to customers’ requests to review their personal data or inquire about the company’s use of that data. According to stipulations established by the company, customers requesting to review their personal information will pay for the cost of that review process.

The company will also respond to customers’ requests to correct or withdraw from the company’s use of personal data in a manner consistent with applicable law and after the identity of the customer requesting the change or withdrawal has been verified.

Use of cookies

Some pages on the company website use “cookies.” Cookies are a standard technology used by many websites to improve user experience, place advertisements and gather statistical data. Cookies identity the browser that the customer uses, but do not identity the customer’s personal information.

You can reject cookies by changing the cookie settings yourself. However, if you decline cookies, the services of some sites may not be available. Also, depending on your usage environment (browser settings, Internet connection environment), cookies may not be rejected.

Updates to This Policy

Based on the development of information technology and changes in social demands, etc., we will continuously review and improve the management system and activities for personal information protection. We reserve the right to change this privacy policy without prior notice to you. The changed privacy policy will be announced on this page.

Contacting the Company

Any questions, concerns and requests to review, correct or withdraw personal information may be forwarded to the address below.

5-3 150-0041 Tokyo Prefecture Shibuya-ku Jinnan 1-15-3 Jinnan Plaza Building 3F

Privacy Policy Office at Shibuya Television KK

Phone: 03-5784-5951

Fax: 03-5784-5950

Email address:

Links to Other Websites

Although the company website includes links to other websites, please note that the company is not responsible for the protection of personal data on those websites, including the use of cookies on those websites.

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