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Terms & Conditions

About copyright

All content (documents, photos, illustrations, images, videos, etc.) published on our website is the copyright of our company or content provider. Therefore, all content published on our website can not be used or copied without permission, unless it is used within the scope of private use defined in the Copyright Act.

About disclaimer

We do not guarantee the completeness, continuity, reliability, safety, accuracy, usefulness, etc. of our website. We do not take any responsibility for any trouble or damage caused by using the information posted on our website. In addition, interruption, cancellation and posting information of our website may be changed without notice. We are not responsible for any problems or damages caused by these.

External link from our website

Although there is a link (external link) to a website operated by a company or organization other than our company on our website, we do not recommend the website to which we link. We do not take any responsibility for the handling of personal information and the content of postings at external links.

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