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Live Music Venues in Shibuya

  • <Important notice>

    ① You will be asked to sanitize your hands by our staff upon entry.
    (Please let the staff know if you are unable to use alcohol for hand sanitization)
    ② Guests who have masks are asked to put them on. Those who do not have masks are asked to use a handkerchief or a hand towel and the like, and to co-operate with sanitary coughing etiquette.
    ③ 入場時に検温を実施いたします。37.5度以上の発熱がある方は入場できません。予めご了承ください。
    ④ Guests who are experiencing a fever, coughing, or body aches are strongly advised to contact their healthcare provider and to be seen by the appropriate medical professional as soon as possible before attending.
    ⑤ Those who are unsure about the condition of their health on the day of attendance are kindly asked to refrain from attending.
    Further, any guests who begin to feel unwell during the event are asked to immediately inform a staff member.

    For updated information and status of performances, please refer to the respective webpages of the venue and performers.
    Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.

    O-Group / Shibuya Television Co., Ltd.

Experience the latest music

In five of Shibuya's most iconic live music venues

Today's Events

Ryoko Oya 1st one-man live-Nice to meet you Hanako Oya! ~

2020.04.03 (金)

COUNTRY YARD / dustbox

2020.04.03 (金)

Partner Events

Check out our lists of artists, and you might find what you're looking for ... I can't get enough of the night, that's why we're always waiting for the next one.

  • yokohama JUGBAND FESTIVAL vol.19

    2020.04.11 (土)

    More Info
  • 横浜ブルーラインフェス 2020 〜MUSIC RIDE〜

    2020.05.24 (日)

    More Info

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