"Anison x Hero Super Live !! Vol.5 -Launch! Your Fireworks !!" | Shibuya O-Group

"Anison x Hero Super Live !! Vol.5-Launch! You're Fireworks!"

2019.08.11 (Sun)

PassMarketFor sale at

★ General first-come-first-served ticket A
Before) ¥ 4,500- this) ¥ 5.000- (D fee required separately)
★ Student discount first ticket B * For students under high school
Before) ¥ 2.500- This) ¥ 3.000- (D fee required separately)
* Up to 4 tickets per person can be purchased
* Ticket admission numbers are on a first-come-first-served basis.

* Admission free for children under elementary school age (preschool children).
One guardian can enter one preschooler.
Please note that even preschoolers will be charged a drink.

info: info@mojost.co.jp

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YOFFY (psychic rubber)
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Tsuyoshi Matsubara
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Youhei ohnishi
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Tomohiro Hatano
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