『Anison×Hero Super Live!! Vol.6 ~ギラッ★ 英雄の誓い EXPLOSION!〜』 | Shibuya O-Group

『Anison×Hero Super Live!! Vol.6 ~ギラッ★ 英雄の誓い EXPLOSION!〜』

2020.02.24 (Mon)

2020年一発目のアニヒロ は2020年に20周年を迎えるJAM Projectの福山芳樹がついに降臨!!
密かに戦隊好きな福山とアニヒロ メンバーとのスペシャルなトークやコラボも見どころです!!

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Ticket price
★ General first arrival ticket A
Advance ¥ 4,500 / On the day ¥ 5.000 (excluding D)

★ Student Discount Arrival Ticket B * For students under high school students
Advance ¥ 2,500 / On the day ¥ 3.000 (excluding D)

* Admission is free for children under elementary school age (preschool children).
One guardian can enter one preschooler.
Please note that even preschoolers will be charged a drink.
* Free for children under 3 years old

info: Lifetime Co., Ltd./MOJOST info@mojost.com

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Tsuyoshi Matsubara
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Youhei ohnishi
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Tomohiro Hatano
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Tatsuhiko Yoshida
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Yoshiki Fukuyama
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