"Re: Bruzekenken No. 8" Burbier 88 | Shibuya O-Group

`` Re: Bruzeken 8th game '' Bourbier 88

2020.01.29 (Wed)

* Preschool children cannot enter

■ Notes
* 1 Up to 4 tickets per person per performance. Please note that if you apply for more than one, we will cancel the order at a later date.
* The stage may be difficult to see depending on the viewing position.
* On the day, there may be a media camera.
* Please refrain from bringing food and drinks. Please bring your own property.
* Entry of preschoolers is refused. Please note.
* Recording during the performance is prohibited by law. We refuse to bring recording media such as digital cameras.
Please be aware that you may be required to monitor your belongings and perform at the time of entry, so please understand and understand beforehand.
In addition, if such an act is recognized, we may keep the equipment and delete the data. Thank you for your cooperation.
* The start time may be changed depending on the circumstances of the day.
* Transportation and accommodation expenses to the venue will be borne by the customer. There is no parking available.
* The organizer, venue and performers are not responsible for any accidents or theft that occur inside or outside the venue. Please keep your valuables on your own as we cannot store your luggage.
* If you do not observe the following, you may be refused entry for any reason and may be canceled during the performance or canceled. Please note.
All night around the venue or if deemed to be all night. / When there is noise around the venue. / When using excessive dance and psyllium. / When you perform an act that causes trouble to other customers. / If you cannot follow the instructions of the staff.
* Transfer or sale of "tickets" to third parties is prohibited.
* Performances may be canceled due to unavoidable circumstances such as weather, disaster, or other circumstances of the artist.
* You may need to confirm your ID, so please bring a driver's license, student ID, health insurance card or other ID that can prove your identity.

info: DISK GARAGE 050-5533-0888 (12: 00-19: 00 on weekdays)

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