"WaikikiRecord 20th Guaranteed to Make You Feel Good!" | Shibuya O-Group

"WaikikiRecord 20th Guaranteed to Make You Feel Good!"

2019.09.23 (Mon)

ELEKIBASS / Wonderful Boys / PARIS on the City! / Aerial Camera / Reitaro Bizarre / Hoff Dylan
Robert Schneider + John Ferguson of The Apples in Stereo / Takahide Ojima / Yukyan
OverTheDogs / Ken Tokunaga / SPIRO / DJ: Yoshi & Zundko Roppongi (TKC)
Tozawa & Kondo (The Bookmarcs) / Jun Sugawara / Nagasaka (Dream Port) / VJ: onnacodomo

O-WEST / O-nest (2 venues held simultaneously)

info: TSUTAYA O-WEST 03-5784-7088

Event has already passed. View upcoming events.

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