Idol Derby?-I'm really happy to meet you-| Shibuya O-Group

Idol derby!-I'm really happy to meet you-

2020.02.01 (Sat)

□ Performers (in alphabetical order)

Astraea *, Asterisk * zero, Utatane,Nap siesta, 8FLAG, EUREKA, Good night sekai,CUBΣLIC, Confession Lafillet, Roller Puppy, Sakuragaoka HS,C; ON, Stella ☆ Blue, Ephemeral world line. , charm *charm, CHERRY GIRLS PROJECT. , Twinkle ☆Stars, Toru-toumei-Akira, NIJIIROCircus corps, day and day, Nyawa, [P-school],FANTASTic * VISION, Fluffy Bomb !!!, Hinata Morioka, Yumeiro H! L! T,Crescent moon sniper, mary bad end, and more…


□ Reservation by sponsor (each operation is reserved)

□ Remarks

Re-entry possible, line-up, organizer & reservation for each operation



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