Shimizu Oct presents "Winter 2020 Summer" | Shibuya O-Group

info: SOGO TOKYO 03-3405-9999

* Tickets required for junior high school students and above
* Please note that tickets will not be refunded due to changes or cancellations of performers.
* Prohibiting resale for profit
* Please note that video and photos inside the venue, including the audience seats, may be released.

[Ticket information]
◆ General ticket: ADV. \ 6,500-
・ Reference number B-Sales
・ 1,000 yen cashback when you watch live from the beginning to the end!
・ No re-entry

◆ Student Discount Ticket: ADV. \ 3,000-
・ Reference number B-Sales
・ At the time of admission, you will need a student ID / student notebook / student certificate / other certificate that can prove you are a student.
・ 1,000 yen cashback when you watch live from the beginning to the end!
・ No re-entry

◆ VIP pass (2days): ADV. \ 25,000- (limited number S1-S200 limited sale)
◆ VIP pass (1day): ADV. \ 15,000- (limited number A1-A100 limited sale)
・ Original pass with reference number (with name) & neck strap included
・ Priority entry right to the priority area (Preferred areas include general tickets and student discount tickets, but those who have a pass have the highest priority)
・ Re-entry is possible
・ Not available for general release
* VIP pass will be exchanged on the day

◆ Late ticket: ADV. \ 3,400-
・ No re-entry
・ Limited to customers who enter after 19:00
・ There are no sales plans for tickets sold out

◆ Special viewing area: ADV. \ 15,000-
・ 1 section (about 4-5 people)
・ Area to purchase separately from the admission ticket
・ Create a space divided into second-floor seats for use as a break between family and friends

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Artist Info
Enatsu no Tatari
Psycho le Cému
Kiyoshi Maekawa
+ more

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