Sugitetsu 15th Anniversary Tour It still continues! Music laboratory to play with classical music-welcome to Tokyo Phil string members-

2019.09.01 (Sun)

A classical, smiling piano and violin duo sugitetsu will celebrate their 15th anniversary with a new album and hold a memorial tour this year. Tokyo performances are special stages for the Tokyo Philharmonic Orchestra's string player! We will deliver a lavish ensemble of stages that are fun not only to listen but also to watch, combining classic music that everyone knows with various music and environmental sounds.
Workshops and mini concerts will be held simultaneously! If you wish, you can also collaborate with Sgitetsu & Strings on the stage of this show! (Limited to those who purchased the set ticket)

Violin Sakaguchi Masaaki / Viola Suda Shoko / Cello Watanabe Yuki from Tokyo Philharmonic Orchestra

※ Ticket above elementary school
※ Preschoolers can not enter
※ Ball seat: It will be a seat to watch from the side.
Also, the side that is in contact with the wall (L2 row R2 row) will have you take off your shoes.

Organized and produced: Plasgis / Shibuya TV
Supported by: King Record / FM NACK5
Contact: Shibuya Television

Open Time 17:00
Start Time 17:30

* It costs 600 yen separately for the drink fee at the time of admission

Tickets on sale now
  • Code: 31919
Artist Info
Sugitetsu (pf Tetsuro Sugiura vln Teppei Okada)
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