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Booze horn day “Uru Uru Uru”

2020.02.29 (Sat)

It will be announced from the following formula. Please read it.



Thank you for your continued support of BUGY CRAXONE.

Shibuya TSUTAYA O-Crest one-man performance scheduled for Saturday, February 29 is
Pay close attention to prevent the spread of infection,We will hold it as scheduled.

At the time of holding, even if you are going to visit us,
Please understand the purpose of preventing the spread of new coronavirus infection,
Please help us with hand washing, gargling, cough etiquette, etc.Thank you.

[Guide to visitors]

If you have fever, cough, general pain, etc.,
"Consultation counter" that is always set up in public health centers before visitingAfter contacting us,
Follow the instructionsPlease visit the designated medical institution. / corona_news.html

▪️ Observe cough etiquette. / bunya /0000187997.html

▪️ CoughIf you have symptoms such as sneezing, be sure to bring a mask and wear it.Yes.

▪️Please use the disinfectant solution available in the venue.

▪️ Especially for the elderly, pregnant women, basic diseases (diabetes, heart failure,Those with respiratory diseases such as COPD)
If you have a physical condition such as fever,Please do not overdo it.

▪️To prevent the spread on the day of the live,The staff will also wear a mask. Please note
Please. Also, if you feel sick in the venue,Do not force yourself
Please offer to Fu.

We appreciate your understanding and cooperation.

Northern Blossom Records / BAD MUSIC GROUP




Planning / Production: BUGY CRAXONE / BAD MUSIC GROUP

info: O-Crest 03-3770-1095

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