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"Singer -KASHA-" that conveys in a single song throws away the gimmick called the band, just singing and acoustic,
Kouji Muraya (EX redballoon) organizes an event for a 100% song that collides with the real body and thoughts.

As in the world of food, the best ingredients are the best.
The song is the same.

The singer's fine breathing, usually masked by the band's sound and cannot be felt,
Delicate contours, storm-like dynamics, listeners should be able to fully experience.

The event “Singer-KASHA-” is a place where “singer” who loves singing together gathers.

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info:DISK GARAGE 050-5533-0888 (12: 00-19: 00 on weekdays)
※ Preschoolers can not enter

Event has already passed. View upcoming events.

■ There is precedent

Artist Info
Kouji Muraya (ex.redballoon)
Yosuke Momono (ex.monobright)
Wataru Uchihara (ex.DOES)
Sachiko Hatakeyama (ex. Cat)
Ryoko (ЯeaL)

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