Galaxy Man's One-Man LIVE “Galaxy Cluster 3rd LIVE-Brand New Door-” | Shibuya O-Group

Galactic Cluster One-Man LIVE
"Galaxy Cluster 3rd LIVE-Brand New Door-"

2020.01.11 (Sat)

▼ Notes ▼
* Please note that the event may be canceled and the time may change due to unavoidable reasons after the details are announced.
* Please note that if the ticket is lost or forgotten, admission will be refused for any reason.
* Those under 3 years old are not allowed to enter.
* Direct handing of presents is prohibited. Please use the gift box that will be installed at the venue. Please note that food, organisms and plants cannot be received.
* Stand flowers and arrange flowers cannot be picked up due to space limitations.
* Please refrain from bringing in large amounts of baggage (something over 150cm in total) that may cause inconvenience to customers.
* Please check your baggage in advance with a coin locker.
* Awaiting entrance / exit in the vicinity of the venue will be a nuisance to the neighborhood of the venue, and is prohibited.

Event has already passed. View upcoming events.

* Number limit: Up to 4 tickets per application
※ 3 years old or older ticket required

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