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Doc Martin × DJ Nobu – at MIDNIGHT EAST (Azumaya ⇄ TSUTAYA O-EAST)

2019.11.09 (Sat) - 2019.11.10 (Sun)

東間屋とTSUTAYA O-EASTがコラボレーションしたナイトヴェニュー「MIDNIGHT EAST」が始動!

第一弾は西海岸ハウスのレジェンドDoc MartinDJ Nobuによる共演が実現!


2019/11/09 (SAT)

– Doc Martin × DJ Nobu – at MIDNIGHT EAST  (Azumaya TSUTAYA O-EAST)

 Open 23:00

 Door : ¥3,500

 Advanced Ticket:¥2,500

Resident Adviser

Resident Advisorチケット購入







Doc Martin

DJ Nobu  (Future Terror / Bitta)





= Azumaya =

Chee Shimizu

Akiram En

Sunga (Black Sheep / EEZEE)

Mari Sakurai


今年3月にオープンしたDJ BAR東間屋とライブハウスTSUTAYA O-EASTがコラボレーションしたナイトベニュー「MIDNIGHT EAST」が始動!

その第一弾として西海岸ハウスシーンのレジェンド、Doc MartinがTSUTAYA O-EASTに登場!

80年代より活動をスタートし、トライバル / アシッドからボーカルハウスまでを網羅するミックスで、2000年代にここ日本でもMark FarinaやDJ Garthらと共に西海岸ハウスブームを牽引、自身主宰のレーベル[Sublevel]を含め未だトップDJとして君臨する彼の久々の来日。

迎え撃つは最早世界的DJとして日本を代表するDJ Nobu。Black MadonnaやSolar等との共演で見られた、現行のテクノ/ エクスペリメンタルセットを主軸とする彼のハウスセットを体験出来る貴重なチャンスでもある。

東間屋では、<Organic Music>オーナーのDJ Chee Shimizu、レフトフィールドテクノからディープリスニングなセットで注目を浴びるAkiram En、Black Sheepのメンバーとして様々なパーティを横断するSunga、パーティ<Krue>、<Champ Road>を主催するMari Sakuraiが出演しパーティを彩る。


Azumaya is going to collaborate with TSUTAYA O-EAST and kicks off a new night venue, “MIDNIGHT EAST” in Shibuya.

Azumaya is a DJ bar in Shibuya, which opened in February 2019, and this time it is going to collaborate with the live venue TSUTAYA O-EAST and will be transformed into a new night venue, “MIDNIGHT EAST”.

To celebrate the very first commemorative party for MIDNIGHT EAST, the legend of West coast house music, Doc Martin will be performing at TSUTAYA O-EAST.

Since the 80s, the owner of the label “Sublevel”, Doc Martin has built up a huge reputation within the west coast house music scene as one of the world’s top DJs. His sets have covered from tribal/acid to vocal house music, and in the early 2000s, together with Mark Farina, DJ Garth and so forth, he gave a huge influence to the Japanese club scene.

Also, DJ Nobu from Japan, the current top techno DJ in the world, focussing on experimental/techno music, is performing for this special night.

At Azumaya, the owner of “Organic Music”, DJ Chee Shimizu, Akiram En, whose left field, and deep listening set now draw people’s attention, Sunga, the member of Black Sheep and the artist who cross-cut the parties and genres, and Mari Sakurai, who runs a party called “Krue” and “Champ Road” will be playing.


* Admission for those under 20 years of age and those who do not have a photo ID is prohibited. Please be sure to bring your photo ID when you come to the venue. Please note that admission with sandals is not permitted. Please be forewarned.

* Must be 20 or over with Photo ID to enter.Also, sandals are not accepted in any case.Thank you for your cooperation.


Doc Martin


DJ Nobu

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