<DAY> Jewel ☆ Rouge sponsored 2 man live [red supremacy] | Shibuya O-Group

2 man live hosted by Jewel ☆ Rouge [Red Supreme Principle]

2019.11.16 (Sat)

FC advance sale 1,000 yen
ArcJewel Ticket (General) 1,000 yen
1,500 yen on the day
* Separate admission drink fee
* There is a women-only area
* Female admission free
* If there is no ticket on the day, there is no entry for women free of charge.
* If there is no advance reservation / women who wish to enter the venue for free, we will give guidance after giving priority to FC / general tickets.
[Admission order]
①FC advance → ②ArcJewel Ticket General → ③Order order on the day → ④Women (no prior reservation)
※ If there is no sale of tickets on the day, there is no admission for women free of ④.

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Jewel ☆ Rouge
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