MAWA LOOP TOKYO 2019 | Shibuya O-Group

[First Announcement] uijin / GANG PARADE / Maneki Kecak / Iki Rakia
[2nd announcement] Clear weather! Harajuku / WILL-O '/ Task have Fun / Tokyo Girls' Style / BEYOOOOONDS
[3rd announcement] CY8ER / Nichome's heel come out / Pimm's / Pure white canvas / lyrical school / LADYBABY
[4th announcement] Devil ANTHEM. / BiS / BILLIE IDLE® / Marionette. / MIGMA SHELTER / YANAKO softly mute / raymay
[5th Announcement] IVOLVE / WEAR / Geki Meki ☆ Unforget / Kolokol / the mishmash / SKIRMISH / 340.29m / s / SOL / notall / Party RocketsGT / BYOB / Payrin's / Yamakatsu
[6th Announcement] QUEENS / Ultramarine World / Juju / SPARK SPEAKER / Yoyoyo / NightOwl / NEMURIORCA / Sad Heroine Syndrome / BLACKNAZARENE / Megamegami
[Final announcement] OUTSKIRTS / Anthreum / Sandal telephone / Pure Afilia / SW! CH / Starry Night 13 / NEMURIORCA / Hazuki / Philosophy Dance / Plus One / Norisa Manami / Malcolm Mask McLaren / / Wortanativ
[Final added artist] Kumari Department Store / ZOC / nuance
Each alphabetical order


info: DISK GARAGE 050-5533-0888 (12: 00-19: 00 on weekdays)
Official website:

■ Step-up ticket
* Only Smartphone, non-transferable, one application per person, entrance to the VIP area is possible,
Admission not possible with step-up tickets only, general tickets required
With original T-shirt (S, M, L, XL), size questionnaire with lottery application (required)
First lottery acceptance period: 10/01 (Tue) 12: 00-10 / 06 (Sat) 23:59
Second lottery acceptance period: 10/12 (Sat) 12: 00 ~ 10/20 (Sun) 23:59

Early Bird tickets ¥ 5,000-
Reception period: Saturday, July 20, 2019 from 22:00 to Saturday, August 31, 2019 23:59

* No entrance for drunks
* Vicious dangerous acts may be withdrawn. If you are injured due to a dangerous act, you must resolve it between the parties, and the organizer, performers, and venue will not be involved.
* No food or drinks allowed
* Please note that no tickets will be refunded even if you refuse to enter or leave.
* No admission to preschool children
* A separate drink is required for wristband exchange
* Depending on various circumstances, the contents of the day may be changed within the appropriate range. No change or cancellation of performers, no refund of ticket price due to change of appearance time or stage.

Event has already passed. View upcoming events.
Artist Info
Heavenly weather! Harajuku
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the mishmash
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340.29m / s
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Task have Fun
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Tokyo Girls' Style
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Comet out of the second street
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Party RocketsGT
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