MELLOW MELLOW regular live # 2 | Shibuya O-Group

MELLOW MELLOW Regular Live # 2

2019.08.10 (Sat)

* 6 years old and over
※ Preschoolers can not enter
* In addition, there is a possibility that store sales will increase.
* Entrance by reference number
* Student discounts available. 1000 yen cash back by showing student ID card when entering.
For students under 25 years old (elementary school-university, college, vocational school student).
If you do not come to the venue on the day, we will not be able to accept cash back.
* There is a female / children area
* Re-entry is not allowed / tickets cannot be reissued / ticket stub separation is invalid / no admission
* Videos and photos of the venue, including the audience seats, may be released. Please come after understanding beforehand.
* Please follow the guidance and instructions of the staff on the day of the concert.
* No annoying or dangerous acts
* There is no alcohol sales at the venue.

Organizer: Sun Music Smile Company
Info: Crest 03-3770-1095

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