Pimm's solo show in Tokyo | Shibuya O-Group

Pimm's Tokyo solo show

2019.10.08 (Tue)

Ticket reception URL:https://t.livepocket.jp/e/1rkw6

① Advance ticket 1,500 yen
② Free invitation ticket
③ Leading female ticket for free
④ 2,500 yen on the day
※ + 1 drink fee (600 yen)
* ② Free invitation ticket does not require ticket reservation
* If you wish to enter early, please purchase the advance ticket.
➀ Advance ticket → ② Free invitation ticket (order of arrangement) → ③ Advance woman ticket → ④ Same-day ticket (first come first served basis)
Held in the 6th floor lobby at 18:30

Event has already passed. View upcoming events.
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