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The Benjamin 5th Anniversary ONEMANTOUR "Boys ask Why?"
"Because, Love is here"

2020.05.02 (Sat)

[news (4/12) about the The Benjamin held postponement]

Thank you very much for always supporting The Benjamin.
I was really disappointed, but, in consideration of the infection spread situation of the new coronavirus in Japan, decided that I postponed holding about following performance/event with giving first priority to a member, security of the staff including all of you who had you arrive.

I sincerely apologize for causing all of you looking forward to it trouble in announcement just before that.
I would like storage carefully now as the ticket you have is necessary in the case of a transfer performance, refund.

■Postponement performance■
Saturday, May 2 TSUTAYA O-WEST
Sunday, May 3 Shinjuku independence board club in store event
Sunday, May 3 Nakano SpaceQ
Saturday, May 9 Osaka JUZA

I show around the details of the transfer performance, the details of the refund procedure as soon as it is decided.

I am freed from uneasiness of the infection and am happy to be able to live under the daily life of the street until now if I can carry a help of the situation improvement with all of you.

I hope that people infected with are restored as soon as possible.
I would like one of understanding, cooperation.

April 12, 2020 The Benjamin/ BadeggBox Inc.

info: TSUTAYA O-WEST 03-5784-7088

Event has already passed. View upcoming events.

■ There is precedent

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