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The stranglers

2019.11.05 (Tue)

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* Unable to enter under 6 years old.
* As soon as the pre-sale reaches the specified number, the application will be closed at any time. In that case, please note that there will be no general release.
* Tickets will not be reissued for any reason, such as damaged or lost tickets or forgotten tickets on the performance day.

info:H.I.P. 03-3475-9999

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VIP SS ミート&グリート/サウンドチェック アップグレードチケット ¥15,000(税込)
VIP S Sound Check Upgrade Ticket 6,000 yen (tax included)
* A separate standing ticket is required for admission
<VIP SS / S upgrade ticket notes>
* VIP upgrade ticket and performance admission ticket (standing ¥ 9,500)
Is not included.
* VIP S upgrade ticket (¥ 6,000) and performance admission ticket (standing ¥ 9,500)
If you do not have both tickets, the VIP Soundcheck Upgrade Ticket (¥ 6,000) benefits will be void.
* Only available on the web.

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